Monthly Archives: February 2012

Facebook Shakes Hardware World With Own Storage Gear

Facebook’s hardware team is now building storage gear — while decorating the walls at the company’s new HQ in Menlo Park, California. Photo: Jon Snyder/  Facebook already built its own data center and its own servers. And now the social-networking giant is building its own storage hardware — hardware for housing all the digital stuff uploaded by its more than 845 million users.

Modular Data Centers: Is Anyone Buying?

Is a data center built into a standard 20-foot shipping container on your shopping list, cloud service providers? That’s the question some are asking as these portable data centers, pioneered by Sun with its Project Blackbox (later dubbed Sun Modular Datacenter, or Sun MD), enter their sixth year of commercial availability. Our friends at Data Center Knowledge (DCK) take stock of the market, noting that such modular designs are now common in huge cloud data centers and high-performance computing (HPC), with vendors saying they are set to become even more mainstream.