Monthly Archives: March 2012

Open Compute Platform & vSphere 5

imageIn April 2011, Facebook launched the Open Compute Project (Announcement) with a stated goal of making servers and datacenters more efficient. The 1.0 Intel box is a pretty sweet little platform too As currently deployed in my home lab, it’s got 2x Hex core procs and 48gb memory, which is a decent setup for the tests I have planned for it.

Cloud Data Centers: Rackspace Preps Open Compute Summit 2012

Rackspace is gearing up to host an Open Compute Summit conference at its San Antonio, Texas, headquarters (May 2-3). The summit, held twice annually, will focus on energy efficient IT infrastructure — servers, storage and data center infrastructure — and working sessions for engineers to collectively shape and define the Open Compute Project (OCP) community. Dropping a few big names, the Rackspace blog post states that the summit “brings representatives of the OCP board including Facebook, Goldman-Sachs, Intel and Arista Networks together for brainstorming sessions, panel discussions, and a keynote address on the latest OCP projects.”

Facebook Auto-Cools Servers With Air-Pressure Sensors

Facebook is exploring a system that would cool its server by automatically shifting loads between servers. (Photo: Wired/Pete Erickson) Facebook is exploring a technology that controls temperatures in the data center by automatically moving software workloads among servers according to the air pressure on either side of each machine. As noticed by Data Center Knowledge , the technology is laid out in a Facebook patent application  recently released to the world at large.