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Facebook and Open Compute want a biodegradable server chassis

Open compute serversFacebook is sponsoring an Open Compute Foundation contest with Purdue to develop a more sustainable server chassis. The goal of the contest is to build a biodegradable box — instead of steel casing — to hold the innards of a server. Since most companies replace their servers every two to three years (the Purdue contest site says four), why not make the case out of something that doesn’t need to be recycled at the end of its rather short life? From the design challenge web site


Facebook Wants To Create Powerful Computers That Cleanly Melt Away

E-Waste CRT Computer MonitorsData centers have a nasty reputation for pollution. Now Facebook has launched a contest to solve one of the computing world’s biggest ecological problems. It wants to make computers out of biodegradable, compostable materials like cardboard, reports Stacey Higginbotham on GigaOM. The idea is part of Facebook’s Open Compute Project. That effort designs custom, eco-friendly servers for the social media giant, launching an entirely new segment of the hardware industry in the process.