Facebook Ops: Each Staffer Manages 20,000 Servers

Delfina Eberly,  Director, Data Center Operations, Facebook, presented the Tuesday morning keynote about optimizing data center operations. In terms of hardware, Facebook, because it runs such an enormous volume of servers, focuses on serviceability, including starting from the ground up by influencing server design to ensure easiest and least time consuming methods to repair equipment in the data hall. (Photo by Colleen Miller.)SAN ANTONIO – Facebook has been an industry leader in building its Internet infrastructure for scalability. That includes the scalability of the people that work in the company’s data centers. Each Facebook data center operations staffer can manage at least 20,000 servers, and for some admins the number can be as high as 26,000 systems, according to Delfina Eberly, Director of Data Center Operations at Facebook. Eberly was the keynote speaker Tuesday morning at the7×24 Exchange 2013 Fall Conference, speaking on “Operations at Scale.”


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