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Oz company builds VSANs on Open Compute kit

Facebook’s hope that its open compute project (OCP) would bring hyperscale-style innovation to the world is bearing fruit, with an Australian company revealing a range of converged infrastructure and virtual SAN products using its server designs. The company in question, Infrx, is currently a tiny affair with just four staff. But that hasn’t stopped it from working with Facebook, striking up a relationship with hyperscale kit-makers Quanta and Wiwynn and releasing a range of products.

Servergy Partners with University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA) Cloud and Big Data Lab to Create First Open Compute Lab for Power8

SAN ANTONIO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Servergy and University of Texas, San Antonio announced an open innovation bridge and new lab, between IBM’s OpenPOWER and the Open Compute community, to accelerate the pace of open innovation for the benefit of both communities and the industry at large. Servergy, a Texas-based Cleantech IT Innovations and Design Firm, announced with the University of Texas San Antonio’s Cloud, Big Data Lab – the only Open Compute Lab for North America – that they would be partnering together to create the world’s first lab to focus on accelerating the development of OpenPOWER for the Open Compute community.

Microsoft Joins Open Compute Project, Shares its Server Designs

microsoft-cloud-servers-itpSAN JOSE, Calif. – In a dramatic move that illustrates how cloud computing has altered the data center landscape,Microsoft is opening up the server and rack designs that power its vast online platforms and sharing them with the world. Microsoft has joined the Open Compute Project and will be contributing specs and designs for the cloud servers that power Bing, Windows Azure and Office 365. The company will discuss its plans tomorrow in the keynote session of the Open Compute Summit in San Jose.

Facebook to open second data centre in Sweden

Social media giant Facebook is to open a second data centre in Sweden alongside its first, in Luleå. When it is completed, Luleå 2 will be one of the most energy efficient data centres in the world, according to the company, as it will be powered by 100 per cent renewable energy – mostly hydro-electric power available cheaply and in abundance in that part of Sweden. Facebook will work with data centre infrastructure equipment provider Emerson to design and build the facility, which will be located next to its first data centre outside the US, and its sixth in total.

UTSA unveils Open Cloud network

The University of Texas at San Antonio is launching one of the largest Open Cloud networks in academia. The network utilizes OpenStack software, co-founded by Rackspace, and Open Compute hardware, founded by Facebook, and will support advanced computing and big data analytics research. The UTSA Cloud and BigData Laboratory, with more than 20 doctoral students, will utilize the network to research new technologies and innovations in various areas of computing. The laboratory was built in collaboration with industry partners such as Rackspace, Open Compute Project Communities, Mellanox, Internet2, ZeroVM and many others.

Facebook to build innovative Data Center Concept in Lulea, Sweden

Borrowing bits and pieces of technology from the automobile industry, Facebook hopes to construct a radical new second building in the city of Luleå, Sweden. This new structure proposes to be the hallmark of new-age production, using modular and lean construction principles. Facebook calls it Rapid Deployment Data Center Concept (RDDC). The data center’s in-house strategic engineering and development team sought the help of lean construction experts to work with them on the project. Going back to the automobile industry theory, the construction is built upon the idea of how a car is assembled from its chassis upwards.

Certification Lab to Be a Focus at Open Compute Symposium

SAN ANTONIO, Texas—The Open Compute Project, the Facebook-led open-source effort to develop highly energy-efficient data center equipment, is hosting its first annual Open BigCloud Symposium and OCP Workshop May 7-8 here on the campus of the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). The topics include Open Compute hardware and OpenStack software, software-defined networking and cloud computing. The symposium will give attendees a chance to see the Open Computer certification lab at the university’s Cloud and Big Data Laboratory.