Monthly Archives: December 2014

Dell to Ship Open Switches with Midokura’s OpenStack SDN

dell-S6000Dell and Cumulus Networks have initiated a Software Defined Network startup called Midokura into their open and disaggregated data center network alliance. Midokura has an overlay network virtualization solution for OpenStack that will now be available together with Dell’s commodity hardware and the Linux-based network operating system by Cumulus.

Juniper backs Facebook’s Cisco competitor the Wedge

Network-cable-800x450-320x181Juniper has designed its own version of Facebook’s Ethernet switch, the Wedge, in what could become a major headache for Cisco. The new product, the design of which will be given away for free through Facebook’s Open Compute Project (OCP), has the potential to shake up the $23 billion Ethernet switch market. The OCP allows anyone to design and build their own computer hardware and the Wedge could even popularise a new way of designing networks called software-defined networking (SDN).

Juniper combines own OS with Open Compute hardware

download (2)Networking vendor Juniper Networks has announced a switch that runs proprietary Junos software on top of hardware developed by the Open Compute Project (OCP). The OCX1100 is a 72-port disaggregated switch with a throughput of 1.44 Tbps, and the first to marry open source hardware designs with a carrier-class network operating system. And yet, it will also offer the option of deleting Junos, and running any third-party network OS instead.