Monthly Archives: February 2015

HP Announces Linux-Powered Open Networking Switches

imagesHP is joining the growing list of vendors embracing the Open Compute Project’s Open Networking effort. HP, however, isn’t positioning the new switches as competitive to, or even appropriate for, the branch or campus deployments of its enterprise customers. The Open Compute project first announced its Open Networking effort in May of 2013 and has found some support among large networking vendors, including Juniper.

Facebook launches 6-pack, an open-source switch for moving your data around its network

Facebook-6pack-modular-switchFacebook is announcing today that it’s constructed another key hardware component to run the networks in its data centers exactly the way it wants to. Dubbed 6-pack, Facebook’s new homebrewed modular switch brings together connections to lots of Facebook-built Wedge switches, which in turn connect to servers sitting in racks inside Facebook’s server farms.