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Bloomberg Data Centers: Where the “Go”s Go

The kind of resiliency test Hurricane Sandy forced on Bloomberg’s Manhattan data center is not a test John O’Connor wants to go through again. As the storm surge in New York City in late October 2012 was flooding the streets of lower Manhattan, water level in the facility’s basement reached 18 inches at one point. There were fuel tanks and fuel controls in the basement, all of which could have easily malfunctioned had any more water entered the building, but “mother nature allowed us to win that battle,” O’Connor, manager of data center operations at Bloomberg, recalls. They were able to keep water from rising further; the facility switched to generator power and hummed through the crisis with no incident.

Penguin Computing Announces New Penguin Tundra Open Compute Servers Featuring Cavium’s 48 core ARMv8-A ThunderX™ Processors

LA18845LOGOFRANKFURT: Penguin Computing, the leader in developing open, Linux-based Data Center solutions for cloud and HPC, today announced the availability of Penguin’s Open Compute Project (OCP) compliant “Tundra” server family based on Cavium, Inc.’s, 64-bit ARMv8 ThunderX workload optimized processors. Penguin provides customized build-to-order server solutions for customers with specialized hardware requirements in enterprise, financial, federal government, bioinformatics and Internet segments.

Facebook to use all renewable energy in its next data center

downloadFacebook is building a new data center in Fort Worth, Texas, that will be powered entirely by renewable energy. The company will invest at least US$500 million in the 110-acre site, which is expected to come online late next year. The new location will be the social-networking giant’s fifth such facility, joining existing data centers in Altoona, Iowa; Prineville, Oregon; Forest City, North Carolina; and Luleå, Sweden. It will feature equipment based on the latest in Facebook’s Open Compute Project data-center hardware designs, it said.