Monthly Archives: September 2015

Microsoft demonstrates its Linux-based Azure Cloud Switch operating system

azurecloudswitchMicrosoft has built a Linux-based cross-platform operating system for running network devices like datacenter switches. ACS is built around the Open Compute Project’s Switch Abstraction Interface (SAI), which is the standards C application programming interface for programming ASICs. It’s software for running network devices like switches. The Open Compute Project accepted the SAI specification — contributed by Microsoft and other contributors including Mellanox, Dell, Broadcom, Cavium, Barefoot, and Metaswitch — in July 2015.

New leadership at the Open Compute Project

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 6.33.15 AMJason Taylor, vice president of infrastructure at Facebook, was elected as the new chairman of the Open Compute Project (OCP) at the organization’s meeting in New York last week. He replaced Frank Frankovsky, one of the original architects of Facebook’s Open Compute.  The appointment was announced in blog post earlier today. The OCP Foundation board of directors meets every quarter. Once every year these meetings include the nomination and election of board leadership for the upcoming year.

AMAX Helps Financial Services Market Converting Data Centers to OCP Wall Street Rethinking Data Center Hardware

download (1)AMAX Centurion is based on the Decathlete spec, but with the option of being configured with NVMe flash storage, high speed networking and high performance CPUs for a risk analysis, financial forecasting and modeling platform, as well as serving as an OpenStack and Hadoop platform. At 2015 OCP Summit, Bank of America along with Capital One and JPMorgan Chase announced their intentions of adopting OCP into their own data centers.