Monthly Archives: October 2015

US to Deploy Open Compute-based Supercomputers for Nuclear Security

Penguin-Tundra-HPCIn the first publicly disclosed deployment by a government agency of computing hardware based on specs that came out of the Open Compute Project, the Facebook-led open source hardware and data center design initiative, the US Department of Energy has contracted Penguin Computing to install a supercomputing systems at three national labs.

Accton adds 100 GbE switch design to Open Compute Project

StrengthAt the OCP Engineering Workshop, Accton Technology open sourced the design of the AS7500-32X 100 Gigabit Ethernet open network switch, making it an early entry of open network switches based on the Cavium XPliant Switch ASIC. As far as the packaging and x86-based CPU are concerned, the AS7500-32X is the same as the AS7700-32X 100 GbE switch that Accton contributed to the Open Compute Project in March. The AS7500 also uses the same designs for power supplies, fans and enclosures – all in line with Accton’s strategy to develop a consistent open networking switch line.

Open Network Linux (ONL) Unifies Open Compute Project (OCP) Network Operating System Stack, Accelerates Adoption By Both Users And Developers

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 6.30.06 PMSANTA CLARA, CA–(Marketwired – Oct 8, 2015) – The Open Compute Project has helped Facebook to save more than $2 Billion, and has become a focal point of open initiatives for data center infrastructure. While numerous open source networking components have been contributed to the Open Compute Project’s networking track, on October 9th a joint demo from Big Switch Networks, Facebook and NTT will mark the first integration of these disparate components into a unified, open source switch operating system: Open Network Linux

HP Launches OpenSwitch Linux Network Operating System

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 6.41.29 PMToday, HP officially launches the open source Open Switch network operating system. Intended to be the base of an open community, the new effort is supported by VMware, Intel, Broadcom, Broadcom and Arista. Mark Carroll, Vice-President and CTO at HP, emphasized that the OpenSwitch operating system is really a community-driven development base. Though HP is announcing the OpenSwitch OS at the Linuxcon EU conference, the effort is not formally backed by the Linux Foundation.