Monthly Archives: December 2015

Facebook Open-Sources Artificial Intelligence Hardware Design For The First Time

Big-Sur-isometric-view-without-cover-1-1200x900Facebook’s FB artificial intelligence, or AI, research unit has already open-sourced most of its code and research. Now for the first time, Facebook is sharing its own AI hardware design. The Menlo Park, Calif.-based company is open-sourcing the design of its newest server for large-scale artificial intelligence (AI) computing, which it plans to submit to the Open Compute Project, which shares designs of data center products among a number of large companies.

Facebook Busts Out Of Homegrown Switches

facebook-6-pack-open-bwThere is a misconception out there that the hyperscalers of the world are so rich that they always have the shiniest new toys in their datacenters. This is not correct. Hyperscalers are restrained by the same laws of physics and the same rules of accounting and budgeting as the rest of the IT sector.

Penguin Charts Fresh Trajectory for Open Hardware

TundraES-200x172As the theme goes this year, what’s old is new again. And not just in terms of technologies like deep learning or FPGAs, which are suddenly returning to life with new vigor. The trend appears to suit select companies as well. Consider, for instance, Penguin Computing, which opened its doors in 1998 to kickstart the burgeoning Linux server space with the hopes of tracking down customers in the scale-out enterprise world as well as the emerging dot com companies.