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Telco data centers to get carrier-grade open hardware

14753_nokia_networks_robustness_center_for_core_networks_2Nokia is using Open Compute Project designs in its AirFrame portfolio of data center equipment for telecoms companies, endorsing the Project’s move into the telco space. Last month, Open Compute Project (OCP), the Facebook-founded scheme to share open specifications for efficient hardware for webscale data centers, announced a Telco Project subgroup in January, with large operators including AT&T, Verizon and Deutsche Telekom. Alongside this announcement, Nokia announced that OCP designs would be included in the AirFrame telco data center products it launched in summer of 2015.

Facebook Brings Open Compute Project Model to Mobile With Telecom Infra Project

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 2.36.01 PMFacebook is bringing its Open Compute Project model of open-sourced industry collaboration on servers and storage to the telecommunications sector with its launch of the Telecom Infra Project Sunday. Jay Parikh, the social network’s global head of engineering and infrastructure, said in a Newsroom post that the initiative—which was announced last month as the OCP Telco Project–is aimed at combining the efforts of telecommunications operators, infrastructure providers, system integrators and other technology companies to “collaborate on the development of new technologies and reimagine traditional approaches to building and deploying telecom network infrastructure.”

Open Compute Project Extends Focus to Telecommunications

gettyimages-162649097The Open Compute Project (OCP), the Facebook-born initiative to make datacenter computing more scalable, efficient and affordable through open software and hardware, has taken another step forward by securing the support of several telecommunications companies as it launches a new telco project.