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After the OCP Summit, Another Chapter Begins – Open Compute Project

291120 10150514722754606 662364605 11373777 727263757 o 600x400The second Open Compute Project Summit was a resounding success, but that just means we as a community have a lot of work ahead of us to advance the goals and benefits of open hardware. Through a series of presentations by industry luminaries and technical workshops, hundreds of participants came together and discussed the Open Compute Project initiatives. The Open Compute Project Foundation and its board were announced. Modeled after the Apache Software Foundation, the OCP Foundation will design and deliver tangible goods and source files to let people deploy OCP hardware in their environments.

Amazon’s James Hamilton on how to build a better data center

You want to build a leaner, greener data center? James Hamilton, VP and distinguished engineer for Amazon Web Services, has some suggestions for you. Speaking at a recent Open Compute Project event, Hamilton, who’s something of a rock star among the web infrastructure crowd, provided some food for thought. Here are some of his tips.

Why Facebook’s new open datacenter plans means better services for all of us

Image Frank Frankovsky, Director, Technical Operations at Facebook, talks to me about the Open Compute Project, which is a new Open Source foundation that lets companies that build data centers share their plans with each other and standardize around a very low-power data center plan. This means better services for all of us, because now companies can build highly-efficient datacenters that can pack in even more machines, which means more features for all of us.

Open Compute Project Q & A – Youtube

e30a3b1c89a5aba45157558fed1a28eaAndreas Bechtolsheim, Don Duet, Frank Frankovsky, Jason Waxman, Brian Stevens, Jimmy Pike and James Hamilton answer questions from the Press at the Open Compute Summit in NYC

Link to Youtube

Can Open Hardware Transform the Data Center?

Facebook’s Frank Frankovsky announces the formation of a non-profit foundation to oversee the Open Compute Project, which focuses on developing open source hardware designs. Photo by Colleen Miller. Is the data center industry on the verge of a revolution in which open source hardware designs transform the process of designing and building data centers?  The Open Compute Project, an initiative begun in April by Facebook, is gaining partners, momentum and structure.  Yesterday it unveiled a new foundation and board to shepherd the burgeoning movement.

Facebook-Led Open Compute Project Scales Up

The Facebook-led Open Compute Project is scaling up its efforts to promote open standards for very large data centers, with benefits that should trickle down to cloud computing startups and enterprises. The Open Compute Project was unveiled in April as a spinoff of Facebook’s green data center initiatives. Facebook’s initial contributions of server hardware and rack designs were based on those used in its Prineville, Ore., data center, which it says was able to achieve a power usage effectiveness (PUE) ratio of 1.07, indicating only a small fraction of power waste. That compares with 1.5 at other Facebook facilities, which is already in the “best practice” category according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards. A perfect PUE would be 1.0.

Facebook Open Compute Summit

Thanks for your interest in the second Open Compute Summit. The nascent Open Compute community is actively seeking participants who are passionate about making strong technical contributions to defining and delivering the most efficient server, storage and data center designs. We will have executives share the latest and greatest thoughts and innovations, and a number of community-participation sessions. We will be providing more details of the event schedule in the coming weeks.