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Bank of America Takes Cue from Facebook, Evolves IT With Open Compute

Zuckerberg-Open-Compute-2014-1-e1425915274495Bank of America is taking a cue from Facebook‘s infrastructure playbook with a transition to Open Compute and software-defined technologies, the Wall Street Journal reported. The company is shifting most of its workloads to a software-defined data center setup. This is a perfect example of the widespread change and reform occurring within enterprise IT. The company moved the majority of backend systems to the cloud a few years ago and wants 80 percent of systems running in software-defined data centers within three years.

Open Compute one year later. Bigger, badder and less disruptive than we thought.

d5dfd4ef044a8f50a4af0848ccc5ea0aIt’s been a little more than a year since Facebook showed off it’s newly built servers and data center technologies for webscale computing. But at its third Open Compute Summit the social networking giant and other members of the recently formed Open Compute Project are adding new partners, showing off cool use cases and adding new technologies to the standard. And surprisingly, it’s being done in a way that will enable hardware vendors to hold onto some of their margins and still deliver some innovations.

Open Compute Wants to Overhaul Data Center Racks

895d9b42dfae39a5cc6ff4e489a9074dSAN ANTONIO – The Open Compute Project is ready to shake up the world of data center racks.  The open source hardware project today outlined plans for Open Rack, which will seek to set a new standard for rack design for hyperscale data center environments. The biggest change is in the width of the server itself. Open Rack provides a 21-inch wide slot for servers, expanding upon the 19-inch width that has long been the standard for data center hardware. The wider form factor will create more room for improved thermal management, as well as better connections for power and cabling.

Facebook-Driven Open Compute Project Grows Membership, Technologies

HP and Quanta are the latest to join the group, which at its conference also is showing off projects from the likes of Dell, Intel and AMD. The Open Compute Project, started by Facebook a year ago to create open-source standards for highly energy-efficient data centers and IT hardware, is racking up new members and unveiling a host of projects as the group€™s third conference gets underway in San Antonio, Texas.

Cloud Data Centers: Rackspace Preps Open Compute Summit 2012

Rackspace is gearing up to host an Open Compute Summit conference at its San Antonio, Texas, headquarters (May 2-3). The summit, held twice annually, will focus on energy efficient IT infrastructure — servers, storage and data center infrastructure — and working sessions for engineers to collectively shape and define the Open Compute Project (OCP) community. Dropping a few big names, the Rackspace blog post states that the summit “brings representatives of the OCP board including Facebook, Goldman-Sachs, Intel and Arista Networks together for brainstorming sessions, panel discussions, and a keynote address on the latest OCP projects.”