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UTSA unveils Open Cloud network

The University of Texas at San Antonio is launching one of the largest Open Cloud networks in academia. The network utilizes OpenStack software, co-founded by Rackspace, and Open Compute hardware, founded by Facebook, and will support advanced computing and big data analytics research. The UTSA Cloud and BigData Laboratory, with more than 20 doctoral students, will utilize the network to research new technologies and innovations in various areas of computing. The laboratory was built in collaboration with industry partners such as Rackspace, Open Compute Project Communities, Mellanox, Internet2, ZeroVM and many others.

Open Compute Project to ask college students for hardware ideas

photo: Jordan NovetIn its quest to figure out how best to build efficient, scalable data centers, the Open Compute Project is looking to students and other independent people for ideas. Thus the hackathon at the Open Compute Summit on Wednesday. While most hackathons focus on coding, Facebook and Open Compute are hoping to use tools from companies such as UpVerter and GrabCAD to help make the collaborative problem-solving that occurs so easily around code, happen in hardware. These companies offer web-based collaboration software with UpVerter letting engineers share circuit designs and libraries and GrabCAD performing a similar service for mechanical designs.

Facebook and Open Compute want a biodegradable server chassis

Open compute serversFacebook is sponsoring an Open Compute Foundation contest with Purdue to develop a more sustainable server chassis. The goal of the contest is to build a biodegradable box — instead of steel casing — to hold the innards of a server. Since most companies replace their servers every two to three years (the Purdue contest site says four), why not make the case out of something that doesn’t need to be recycled at the end of its rather short life? From the design challenge web site