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Open Compute: AMD unveils modular Open Compute serverChipmaker AMD has developed a server platform that borrows some design features from servers Facebook designed for its own data centers but open-sourced through the Open Compute Project. The platform, AMD Open 3.0, is a modified version of the Facebook Open-Compute server design called V2, a design AMD was involved in. Open 3.0 is powered by AMD’s Opteron 6300 series processors.

Facebook open-source data centre project gains strength

Facebook open-source data centre project gains strengthFacebook’s year-old project to develop open-source hardware designs with the aim to build efficient data centres gained momentum on Wednesday, with some top technology companies joining the effort and introducing server designs. The company provided details about implementations of the open hardware designs and also announced new members of the Open Compute Project, including Hewlett-Packard, Advanced Micro Devices, Fidelity, Quanta, Tencent,, VMware, Canonical and Supermicro.

AMD outs Roadrunner mainboard for Open Compute

CHIP DESIGNER AMD has announced its Roadrunner mainboard as part of its Open Compute project contribution that supports its Bulldozer and upcoming Piledriver Opterons. AMD’s Roadrunner motherboard is pitched towards financial firms looking to sift through large amounts of data in order to make bets with other people’s money. The Roadrunner motherboard supports AMD’s current generation Opteron 6000 series Bulldozer processors.