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Open Compute and the Enterprise

Craig_Finch_Headshot_BW_2Ever wish you could start with a clean slate and build your data center from the ground up with the most optimized equipment? Well, a few years back, Facebook engineers did just that– designing and building their own servers, power supplies, server racks and battery backup systems. The result was the Facebook hyperscale data center in Prineville, Oregon. And then in 2011, they shared and open sourced the specs for the hardware.

Open Compute Hardware Not Cheap Enough for Enterprises

fb-lulea-fullracksOpen source “vanity-free” hardware bought in bulk from Taiwanese manufacturers may offer a compelling price difference for the scale of Facebook, but people who work in the majority of the world’s enterprise IT shops generally don’t view servers promoted by Facebook’sOpen Compute Project as something that makes sense for their data centers. Yesterday we wrote about the role of OCP in the enterprise data center as seen from OCP hardware vendors’ and the Open Compute Foundation’s perspectives. Today, we’ll cover opinions of data center industry experts who work with enterprise data center end users.

Facebook’s Open Compute Servers Still Tough Sell for Corporate IT Shops

IO-OCP-Cloud-FansFacebook’s Open Compute Project has been one of the most talked about developments in the world of data center hardware over the past couple of years, and interest in the first ever open source hardware design community and its output has only grown. Facebook has publicly said it saved more than $1 billion as a result of using Open Compute gear in its data centers, and companies like Rackspace and IO have built cloud infrastructure services using Open Compute server designs. Earlier this year Microsoft said it had adopted OCP specs for the infrastructure that supports its entire portfolio of online services, including Azure.