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Facebook optimises software infrastructure for datacentre power efficiency

Facebook has developed a system called Autoscale to optimise its software infrastructure and make its datacentre more energy efficient. After making its datacentre hardware and server components more energy efficient, Facebook has now turned to optimising its software infrastructure for further power efficiency and reduced environmental impact. The social network has developed a system called Autoscale for power-efficient load balancing. Currently used in its production clusters, Autoscale has already provided “significant energy savings”, the social media giant said.

Facebook Taps CA Technologies for Hyperscale DCIM

Facebook data center executive Tom Furlong discusses the company's DCIm software during a session Tuesday at the Open Compute Summit in San Jose. (Photo: Rich Miller)SAN JOSE, Calif. – Facebook once contemplated building its own software to manage its massive data center infrastructure. But after a lengthy review of its options, the company has opted to use software from CA Technologies to track and manage its data center capacity. The announcement is a significant win for CA, which beat out a dozen companies for the high-profile deal. Facebook will use CA Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software to bring together millions of energy-related data points from physical and IT resources in its global data centers to improve power efficiency.

A Storm of Servers: How the Leap Second Led Facebook to Build DCIM Tools

fb-lulea-fullracksASHBURN, Va. – For data centers filled with thousands of servers, it’s a nightmare scenario: a huge, sudden power spike as CPU usage soars on every server. Last July 1, that scenario became real as the “Leap Second” bug caused many Linux servers to get stuck in a loop, endlessly checking the date and time. At the Internet’s busiest data centers, power usage almost instantly spiked by megawatts, stress-testing the facility’s power load and the user’s capacity planning.


Facebook building DCIM for own data centersWhile for smaller data center operators decisions on technological solutions generally involve weighing options different vendors have made available on the market, for Internet businesses whose massive data center facilities contain all of their vital organs, there is also the option of doing it themselves. In many cases, companies like Facebook, much of whose business success depends on the quality of its data center infrastructure, have found the do-it-yourself option to be the best one. The social-network company has designed its own data centers and much of what goes inside them, including IT gear and mechanical and electrical infrastructure components.

Facebook throws down efficiency gauntlet with real-time data and open-source dashboards

Facebook's Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) and Water Usage Efficiency (WUE) dashboardWhen I first visited Facebook’s data center in Prineville, Ore., in 2011, I felt privileged to spot some figures on the facility’s power-usage effectiveness (PUE) on a screen affixed to a wall. The PUE number, which gives a sense of how much of the energy gets consumed by computing gear, wasn’t exactly what some reporters wanted to know — total number of megawatts would have been better than PUE, and that sort of information came later — but it was a start toward transparency. Now, the PUE data won’t be such a big deal to catch a glimpse of anymore.