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Cooling an OCP Data Center in a Hot and Humid Climate

Building a data center based on Open Compute Project designs in a relatively hot and humid area like Forest City, North Carolina, presented some interesting challenges. Chief among them, of course, was whether the 100% outdoor air cooling system Facebook debuted in our Prineville, Oregon, facility could operate as efficiently in an environment where the ASHRAE 50-year maximum wet bulb temperature is 21% higher, at 84.5°F instead of 70.3°F.

Running Facebook’s Forest City data centre

View larger imageThis week, we caught up with Keven McCammon, onsite manager at Facebook’s flagship Forest City data centre in North Carolina. Billed as one of the most energy efficient data centres in the world, and the first to deploy v2 OpenCompute Project web servers at scale, Forest City is the template that all future Facebook data centres are set to follow. We asked McCammon about the new technologies being deployed and the day-to-day runnings of the facility.,running-facebooks-forest-city-data-centre.aspx

Inside Facebook’s North Carolina Data Center

FOREST CITY, N.C. – You may never visit Rutherford County, North Carolina. But if you live on the East Coast, your data probably will. Forest City is home to about 7,500 residents, as well as a major campus for Facebook. As a result, it has joined the ranks of rural towns that are populated by more servers than people. Facebook has built two enormous data centers here to power its growing Internet infrastructure. The two-story structures each span more than 300,000 square feet. In an area dotted with modest restaurants and stores, the server farms resemble aircraft carriers dropped onto the landscape.

Facebook takes on Mother Nature by using open air cooling for N.C. data center

Facebook's data center in North Carolina.Facebook has managed to make its newest data center in North Carolina more efficient than the one it built in Prineville, Ore., despite the sweltering heat of the Carolina summer. By using open-air cooling and its Open Compute Foundation servers, Facebook has achieved a PUE score of 1.07 (the Prineville facility has a PUE of 1.09). PUE, or power usage effectiveness, is a metric that divides how much energy a data center uses in total by how much its IT equipment uses, and the closer you are to one the more efficient your data center is.

Wistron shares jump on Facebook data center report

Taipei, Nov. 8 (CNA) Shares of Wistron Corp., an ODM service provider for notebook computers and personal computer peripheral products, rallied Tuesday morning after local media reported that Facebook plans to set up a cloud-technology-based data center in Taiwan, dealers said. Already a server supplier to Facebook’s data center in North Carolina of the United States, Wistron is expected to secure additional large orders from the U.S.-based social network due to the presence of the new data center planned in the Central Taiwan Science Park, they said.