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Open Compute is bringing the maker movement to the enterprise

FacebookhackathonThe Open Compute Project hosted its second-ever hardware hackathon on Tuesday and the winning hack, a paired board that allowed for remote monitoring and diagnostics of servers was presented onstage at the GigaOM Structure conferencein San Francisco Wednesday. The winning project was designed by a team that called themselves the Cheesemongers. Their boards were called Cheesy Finger (that’s the board that plugs into each server) and The Big Cheese, the board that sends the collected information from the cheesy fingers to an iPad app. Matt Gambardella, whose day job is at Nebula, led the winning team.

GigaOM teams up with Facebook for a June Open Compute hardware hackathon

photo: Jordan NovetData center hardware nerds, where are you going to be on June 18 at noon? You may not be sure right now, but keep reading, because Facebook and the Open Compute Project are holding a hardware hackathon at Facebook headquarters that Tuesday. The winners will get time onstage to present to the audience at GigaOM’s Structure conference on June 19 and up to $10,000 in seed funding and mentoring from the foundation to prepare their idea for a venture capital pitch.

You’re invited: Facebook’s first-ever hardware hackathon

Facebook’s Open Compute Project, a huge effort to create and promote open-source hardware, is hosting its first-ever hardware hackathon. The hackathon will take place next month in Santa Clara, Calif., at the OCP’s Open Compute Summit. The hackathon’s goal is to create a set of open-source computer hardware building blocks — kind of like Lego for computing. These blocks would eventually be applied to real-world use cases in large data centers in ways that would boost energy efficiency, make repairs simpler, and reduce overall data center costs.