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HP Launches OpenSwitch Linux Network Operating System

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 6.41.29 PMToday, HP officially launches the open source Open Switch network operating system. Intended to be the base of an open community, the new effort is supported by VMware, Intel, Broadcom, Broadcom and Arista. Mark Carroll, Vice-President and CTO at HP, emphasized that the OpenSwitch operating system is really a community-driven development base. Though HP is announcing the OpenSwitch OS at the Linuxcon EU conference, the effort is not formally backed by the Linux Foundation.

HP battles back against white-box with Foxconn-built Cloudline servers

andreoli_and_mingOpen Compute Summit : HP has made its bid for relevance in the modern data center with a new line of servers aimed at “rack scale” and “cloud scale” deployments. The HP Cloudline servers, unveiled at the Open Compute Project Summit in San Jose, California this week, are the fruit of a collaboration between HP and Chinese manufacturing giant Foxconn that was announced last year.

HP Announces Linux-Powered Open Networking Switches

imagesHP is joining the growing list of vendors embracing the Open Compute Project’s Open Networking effort. HP, however, isn’t positioning the new switches as competitive to, or even appropriate for, the branch or campus deployments of its enterprise customers. The Open Compute project first announced its Open Networking effort in May of 2013 and has found some support among large networking vendors, including Juniper.

Join HP to Learn the Top 5 Considerations for Transitioning to Open Compute

On Thursday, June 26, the WHIR is excited to be hosting a webinar with HP called the Top 5 Considerations for Transitioning to Open Compute. The free webinar kicks off at 1 pm ET, and will feature a presentation from Curt Belusar, HP Director of Platform Research and Development. During the presentation, Belusar will share the top considerations for transitioning to Open Compute platforms in a data center. He will also share more about HP’s Open Compute portfolio.

Open Compute – Going Beyond the Hype

Founded in 2011, the Open Compute Project has been gaining attention from more and more organizations. The promise of lower cost and open standards for IT servers and other hardware seems like a worth­while endeavor; one that should benefit all users of IT hardware, as well as improving the energy efficiency of the entire data center ecosystem. The open source concept has proven itself successful for software, as witnessed by the widespread adop­tion and acceptance of Linux, despite early rejection from enterprise organizations.

Gemini: HP’s attempt to get a like from Facebook and friends

HP is in a tough position when it comes to cloud customers, and its low-power high-density Gemini server acknowledges that. Gemini, with its ability to support multiple processors of multiple generations via different “server cartridges”, sees HP take a new approach with its servers, placing the emphasis on maintainability, serviceability and, crucially, support for the types of energy thrifty non-x86 chips made by Intel-rival ARM. It is part of the company’s Project Moonshot effort, which sees the giant cosy up to large cloud operators by committing to the development of very dense, very low-cost servers.

Facebook open-source data centre project gains strength

Facebook open-source data centre project gains strengthFacebook’s year-old project to develop open-source hardware designs with the aim to build efficient data centres gained momentum on Wednesday, with some top technology companies joining the effort and introducing server designs. The company provided details about implementations of the open hardware designs and also announced new members of the Open Compute Project, including Hewlett-Packard, Advanced Micro Devices, Fidelity, Quanta, Tencent,, VMware, Canonical and Supermicro.