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Facebook Unveils Homegrown Ethernet Switch

Social media giant Facebook is one step closer to ousting Cisco Systems as its primary datacenter switching supplier with the launch of a new top-of-rack engineering project inside of the company code-named “Wedge.” As in the front of the wedge that is going to split apart the $20 billion and fairly monolithic datacenter switching market. Jay Parikh, vice president of infrastructure engineering at Facebook, divulged some of the details on the homemade Wedge top-of-rack switch at the GigaOm Structure conference in San Francisco.

The Open Compute Project

Jay Parikh (@jayparikh) is VP Infrastructure, Facebook. We talk about where The Open Compute Project has been and where it is going! For more information check out The Open Compute Project Web page.

OSCON Keynote: Open Compute Project

Next up was Jay Parikh from Facebook to talk to us about the Open Compute Project. Jay jumped in to explain where the project has come since last year … but didn’t explain what the project was, so this is from the official site: