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Juniper backs Facebook’s Cisco competitor the Wedge

Network-cable-800x450-320x181Juniper has designed its own version of Facebook’s Ethernet switch, the Wedge, in what could become a major headache for Cisco. The new product, the design of which will be given away for free through Facebook’s Open Compute Project (OCP), has the potential to shake up the $23 billion Ethernet switch market. The OCP allows anyone to design and build their own computer hardware and the Wedge could even popularise a new way of designing networks called software-defined networking (SDN).

Juniper combines own OS with Open Compute hardware

download (2)Networking vendor Juniper Networks has announced a switch that runs proprietary Junos software on top of hardware developed by the Open Compute Project (OCP). The OCX1100 is a 72-port disaggregated switch with a throughput of 1.44 Tbps, and the first to marry open source hardware designs with a carrier-class network operating system. And yet, it will also offer the option of deleting Junos, and running any third-party network OS instead.