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Facebook has placed the first of about 250 modules for its second data center in Sweden’s Luleå  – Luleå  2 – marking a milestone for the social media company’ new data center design which focusses on pre-manufactured and modular components. Facebook announced it will put use its Rapid Deployment Data Center (RDDC) design method in the 125,000 sq ft data center in Sweden at the Open Compute summit in January this year.

Facebook to open second data centre in Sweden

Social media giant Facebook is to open a second data centre in Sweden alongside its first, in Luleå. When it is completed, Luleå 2 will be one of the most energy efficient data centres in the world, according to the company, as it will be powered by 100 per cent renewable energy – mostly hydro-electric power available cheaply and in abundance in that part of Sweden. Facebook will work with data centre infrastructure equipment provider Emerson to design and build the facility, which will be located next to its first data centre outside the US, and its sixth in total.

Facebook to build innovative Data Center Concept in Lulea, Sweden

Borrowing bits and pieces of technology from the automobile industry, Facebook hopes to construct a radical new second building in the city of Luleå, Sweden. This new structure proposes to be the hallmark of new-age production, using modular and lean construction principles. Facebook calls it Rapid Deployment Data Center Concept (RDDC). The data center’s in-house strategic engineering and development team sought the help of lean construction experts to work with them on the project. Going back to the automobile industry theory, the construction is built upon the idea of how a car is assembled from its chassis upwards.

Facebook’s Luleå data centre is a Swedish model of efficiency

mcentegartWhen Facebook opened its data centre in Luleå in northern Sweden, the first it had built outside of the US, it raised more than a few eyebrows – and questions. Why Sweden? Why so far away from any major population centre? And isn’t it something of a risk to fill it with bespoke equipment based on the Open Compute Project, rather than conventional, off-the-shelf servers from HP or Dell?

Facebook: Data centres do not need air conditioning

Facebook Like made from ice at the Lulea data centre SwedenData centre operators can dramatically cut energy costs and their impact on the environment by doing without air conditioning, according to Facebook. The findings come from the firm’sOpen Compute Project, aimed at making the social network’s IT operations as efficient as possible. Facebook said that it uses “100 percent outside air” to cool all of its own data centres, and that other data centre operators are typically over-cooling their facilities when they do not really need to do this.

Facebook’s first European data center goes live in Sweden

Inside Facebook's Lulea data center, the servers are Open Compute but the chips are not.With the PRISM debacle having pushed data protection way up the list of European concerns these days, this is quite good timing: Facebook’s first data center in Europe – or indeed anywhere outside the U.S. — is now handling traffic from around the world. The data center is sited in Luleå on the northern Swedish coast, and it went live on Wednesday. As with Google’s new Finnish data center, Facebook is counting on the northern European environment to help cut cooling costs – not by way of seawater cooling, this time, but using good old cold air. The remaining excess heat is used to keep the associated offices warm.

Open Compute: Does the data center have an open future?

Lulea datacentreJust two short years after Facebook open sourced the design of its data centers its open hardware is starting to spread. Under the Open Compute Project (OCP), Facebook and its partners are committed to developing and sharing designs for compute, storage and general data center infrastructure — not just the servers themselves, but the chassis and racks they sit in and their associated power and cooling.

Facebook Gets Royal Reception in Lulea

New from Facebook: The royal data center tour. On Oct. 16, King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden toured the new Facebook data center in Lulea, which is currently under construction with a planned launch next year.  The king visited the Lulea area with a delegation from The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, and was given an overview of the construction process and a tour of the server hall.