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As Facebook Turns 10, Zuckerberg Wants to Change How Tech Industry Works

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Mark Zuckerberg was in his element. Mr. Zuckerberg, whose social network turns 10 years old next week, spoke Tuesday at a meeting of the Open Compute Project. Open Compute is an initiative that Facebook started three years ago to help big computing centers add the kind of cost cuts and efficiency gains that open-source software — where programmers share ideas and code across company, university and even national boundaries — to single computer servers and Web management.

Facebook: Open Compute Has Saved Us $1.2 Billion

Zuckerberg-Open-Compute-2014-1SAN JOSE, Calif. – Over the last three years, Facebook has saved more than $1.2 billion by using Open Compute designs to streamline its data centers and servers, the company said today. Those massive gains savings are the result of hundreds of small improvements in design, architecture and process, write large across hundreds of thousands of servers.

Facebook now wants a say in computer hardware

10bbf75338d45bc0e28a2891a74a7bf3(Reuters) – Facebook, the world’s largest social network, wants to get in on computer hardware as well. The company that revolutionized social networking on the Internet has teamed up with some of tech hardware’s biggest names — Hewlett Packard Co, Dell Inc, Advanced Micro Devices, and Intel Corp — to launch the “open compute project.” CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the project aims to offer specifications and designs for more power-efficient computers that are specifically geared toward running Internet services, shared openly with other companies.

The Open Compute Project: Why Facebook Is Giving Away The Goods

Facebook Open Compute ProjectThis week, Facebook did something that would be unthinkable for most tech companies: it created a product cheaper, more efficient and more environmentally sound than the industry standard, then provided explicit instructions detailing exactly how to build it. Under an initiative dubbed the Open Compute Project, Facebook released designs for the technology powering its new data center in Prineville, Ore., which Facebook says is 38 percent more efficient and 24 percent cheaper to run thanks to its custom engineering.