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Vapor IO Challenges Top Of Rack Management With Open MistOS

Vapor-IO-Vapor-ChambersOne of the biggest challenges in the data center industry is how to manage data center infrastructure. This is especially true at the rack. Each server vendor has a different approach, down to the way you handle server out-of-band management. Vapor IO hopes to eliminate what founder Cole Crawford calls “gratuitous differentiation” with Open MistOS (OMOS), a new Linux distribution that provides top-of-rack (TOR) management capabilities for data centers.

Facebook gives its server racks a Tesla touch

coordryoldbp-100530655-primary.idgeMatt Corddry, Facebook’s director of hardware engineering, should be grateful to Tesla. Not because he drives one (he doesn’t), but because the popularity of its electric cars could help Facebook take a little more cost out of running its data centers. Corddry runs Facebook’s hardware engineering lab, which designs the cutting-edge servers, storage gear and other equipment that power its services. It shares those designs with the outside world through the Facebook-led Open Compute Project, and one of the technologies on his mind these days is lithium-ion batteries.

Quanta Launches Open Compute Solutions, Including Open Rack

quanta-F03C-470For years, Quanta Computer has been building servers for Facebook and Rackspace based on design concepts advanced by the Open Compute Project (OCP). Today Quanta QCT launched a line of hardware products making those Open Compute designs available to a broader pool of customers.

Silicon Photonics: The Data Center at Light Speed

Quanta-Intel-Rack-2Last June, Open Compute Project Chairman Frank Frankosvky outlined an ambitious vision to separate the technology refresh cycle for CPUs from the surrounding equipment in a rack. Frankovsky, also a hardware executive at Facebook, said the ability to easily swap out processors could transform the way chips are procured at scale, perhaps shifting to a subscription model.

Open Compute Racks: Are We Going to Use Them in Our Data Centers?

Facebook’s Open Compute Project is, on the surface, specifications for servers, racks, cooling and power distribution planned for its data centers. Somewhat surprisingly, the project continues to evolve and produce more specifications. In my view, it’s a business initiative that drives cheaper procurement of data center hardware assets for Facebook. Sure, Facebook hopes other companies will use this as a jumping-off point for their own data center initiatives.

Open Compute Wants to Overhaul Data Center Racks

895d9b42dfae39a5cc6ff4e489a9074dSAN ANTONIO – The Open Compute Project is ready to shake up the world of data center racks.  The open source hardware project today outlined plans for Open Rack, which will seek to set a new standard for rack design for hyperscale data center environments. The biggest change is in the width of the server itself. Open Rack provides a 21-inch wide slot for servers, expanding upon the 19-inch width that has long been the standard for data center hardware. The wider form factor will create more room for improved thermal management, as well as better connections for power and cabling.

Open Rack Spec Available

This morning we announced the Open Rack specification. The open rack uses an all-encompassing design to accommodate compatible Open Compute Project chassis components, and includes the power solution as well as input and output voltage distribution. You can download the spec now from GitHub.