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Facebook Takes Open Compute Hardware to the Next Level

facebook-datacenter-hallSAN JOSE, Calif.Facebook is creating the next generation of open hardware, building new technologies into its data center platform. The social network is leveraging an alphabet soup of  powerful technologies – including SSDs, GPUs, NVM and JBOFs – to build new servers and storage gear to accelerate its infrastructure.

Facebook Busts Out Of Homegrown Switches

facebook-6-pack-open-bwThere is a misconception out there that the hyperscalers of the world are so rich that they always have the shiniest new toys in their datacenters. This is not correct. Hyperscalers are restrained by the same laws of physics and the same rules of accounting and budgeting as the rest of the IT sector.

Open Compute Project accepts Mellanox open Ethernet switches

mellanox_logoMellanox Technologies, Ltd. (NASDAQ: MLNX) says the Open Compute Project (OCP) has accepted a pair of its 10 Gigabit Ethernet/40 Gigabit Ethernet switch systems. As its name implies, the Facebook-inspired OCP seeks to promote the collaborative development of open source software and hardware for data center, computing, and related applications. Vendors can submit their products for acceptance into the program.

Accton adds 100 GbE switch design to Open Compute Project

StrengthAt the OCP Engineering Workshop, Accton Technology open sourced the design of the AS7500-32X 100 Gigabit Ethernet open network switch, making it an early entry of open network switches based on the Cavium XPliant Switch ASIC. As far as the packaging and x86-based CPU are concerned, the AS7500-32X is the same as the AS7700-32X 100 GbE switch that Accton contributed to the Open Compute Project in March. The AS7500 also uses the same designs for power supplies, fans and enclosures – all in line with Accton’s strategy to develop a consistent open networking switch line.

Open Network Linux (ONL) Unifies Open Compute Project (OCP) Network Operating System Stack, Accelerates Adoption By Both Users And Developers

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 6.30.06 PMSANTA CLARA, CA–(Marketwired – Oct 8, 2015) – The Open Compute Project has helped Facebook to save more than $2 Billion, and has become a focal point of open initiatives for data center infrastructure. While numerous open source networking components have been contributed to the Open Compute Project’s networking track, on October 9th a joint demo from Big Switch Networks, Facebook and NTT will mark the first integration of these disparate components into a unified, open source switch operating system: Open Network Linux

HP Launches OpenSwitch Linux Network Operating System

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 6.41.29 PMToday, HP officially launches the open source Open Switch network operating system. Intended to be the base of an open community, the new effort is supported by VMware, Intel, Broadcom, Broadcom and Arista. Mark Carroll, Vice-President and CTO at HP, emphasized that the OpenSwitch operating system is really a community-driven development base. Though HP is announcing the OpenSwitch OS at the Linuxcon EU conference, the effort is not formally backed by the Linux Foundation.

Microsoft demonstrates its Linux-based Azure Cloud Switch operating system

azurecloudswitchMicrosoft has built a Linux-based cross-platform operating system for running network devices like datacenter switches. ACS is built around the Open Compute Project’s Switch Abstraction Interface (SAI), which is the standards C application programming interface for programming ASICs. It’s software for running network devices like switches. The Open Compute Project accepted the SAI specification — contributed by Microsoft and other contributors including Mellanox, Dell, Broadcom, Cavium, Barefoot, and Metaswitch — in July 2015.

Cumulus Offers VX Virtual Appliance for Testing, Development

290x195knowledgeworker1Cumulus Networks officials want to make it easier for organizations to leverage the company’s Linux-based network operating system to learn about, test and develop the kinds of open networking infrastructures that are becoming increasingly popular.The company, whose Cumulus Linux OS is used in some of Dell’s Open Networking switches and which has been active in the Open Compute Project, on Aug. 4 rolled out Cumulus VX, a free virtual appliance that is aimed at giving cloud administrators and network administrators the tools to test open networking concepts in their own environments without having to spring for bare metal systems.

Mellanox debuts Spectrum, its 25/100 gigabit open Ethernet-based switch

mellanox_logoMellanox Technologies launched its initial 100 Gigabit Ethernet, Open Ethernet-based, non-blocking switch to offer high throughput, latency, energy efficiency and scalability, to build efficient 25, 50 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet data center fabrics. Spectrum, the next generation of its Open Ethernet-based switch IC, overcomes current data center challenges by providing a highly flexible and scalable solution that allows businesses to deploy the hardware-software combinations best suited to meet their distinctive needs. With Spectrum, Mellanox is deliver offer end-to-end 10/25/40/50 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.

Accton Technology Contributes Open Switch Software to ONF’s Open Source SDN Distribution

downloadAccton Technology Corporation, the leading developer and manufacturer of open network switches, today announced that it has contributed switch software to Atrium, the Open Network Foundation’s (ONF) open source SDN distribution for OpenFlow™-based SDN deployments. Accton also announced that it will make available open switch software distributions with additional features to enable customers, data center operators, software providers and the open source community to develop software applications to automate and control networks deploying Accton’s Edge-Core open network switches.

Supermicro Ships ‘Cumulus-Ready’ Bare-Metal Switches

speakerSupermicro, one of the top suppliers of low-cost data center hardware, often referred to as “commodity hardware,” launched a line of bare-metal data center switches that come pre-loaded with an install environment that allows user to load a Linux-based network operating system. The vendor made the announcement together withCumulus Networks, which sells a Linux distribution for bare-metal switches, and which also created the open source install environment, called Open Network Install Environment, or ONIE.

Penguin Computing Extends Open Networking with Artica Switches

penguin-computing-logoToday Penguin Computing announced the Arctica 4804ip switch and a collaboration with Cumulus Networks to extend open networking to the full rack through the new Cumulus Rack Management Platform (RMP) OS. Penguin Computing and Cumulus Networks share the common vision of bringing the core benefits of open technologies to their customers: prevention of vendor lock-in; reduction in capital and operational expenditures and ease of automation; and operation and orchestration by providing similar management interface for both computing and networking platforms.

IP Infusion drives down network complexities with Open Compute Project-based NOS

download (2)Software-defined networking vendor IP Infusion is the latest to release a networking operating system, or NOS, based on the Open Compute Project. IP Infusion’s OcNOS isn’t its first NOS, but the company typically focuses on serving the OEM market with its products instead of heading to the public with its announcements. For the Open Compute Project, it’s another example of the how open source in networking is catching on. And according to IP Infusion, the new NOS puts the power of the project into data networking for a reduction in operational complexity.

Microsoft Leads Open Switch Software Effort

images (1)As one of the dominant companies in software, Microsoft is finding itself working with a bunch of new hardware partners, such as ASIC supplier Broadcom and switch-maker Accton, as it surges ahead with contributions to the Open Compute Project. The Open Compute Project aims to spur development of open-source hardware using open designs that any hardware maker can use to build data center gear such as servers and switches. Initiated by major data center users such as Facebook and Wall Street banks, Open Compute has drawn involvement from some of the largest tech vendors, including most recently Cisco.–/d/d-id/1319461

Broadcom offers devs a peep-show inside its switches

download (1)Open Compute Summit : When Facebook started down the path of creating the Open Compute Project (OCP), part of its reasoning was that too many vendors hide the underlying silicon from the world of users. That part of the project seems to be having its desired effect, with Broadcom using the OCP Summit to announce that it’s going to give developers API access to its silicon under Facebook’s FBOSS operating system and Microsoft’s Switch Abstraction Interface (the latter also shown off at the summit for the first time).