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Vapor IO Challenges Top Of Rack Management With Open MistOS

Vapor-IO-Vapor-ChambersOne of the biggest challenges in the data center industry is how to manage data center infrastructure. This is especially true at the rack. Each server vendor has a different approach, down to the way you handle server out-of-band management. Vapor IO hopes to eliminate what founder Cole Crawford calls “gratuitous differentiation” with Open MistOS (OMOS), a new Linux distribution that provides top-of-rack (TOR) management capabilities for data centers.

Vapor Building an Open Compute Server Chamber

vapor-chamberSince 2011, the Open Compute Project (OCP) has been building and proposing specifications to enable new classes of servers and data center gear. Cole Crawford has been a key figure in OCP, serving as the group’s Chief Operating Officer from 2012 to 2013 and as an executive director from 2013 to this month. Crawford is now taking his OCP experience and funneling it into a startup called Vapor. Vapor has a new data center server system called the Vapor Chamber, which in some respects resembles the look of the new Apple Mac Pro.