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VMware will share EVO:Rack with Open Compute

downloadVMware has expanded on its ultra-converged hardware scheme EVO:RAIL, and its forthcoming big brother EVO:RACK which defines a data center design – and promised to share elements of EVO:RACK with the Open Compute Project. VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger promised to share features of the EVO:RACK specifications with the Open Compute Project, the industry grouping which was initiated by Facebook to create open source hardware specifications for data centers. This is something of a turnaround as Gelsinger has been critical of Open Compute in the past and VMware is keeping a tight grip on the specs for the small-scale OPEN:RAIL systems.

Whoa: VMware joins in on OpenStack, Docker, & Open Compute open-source projects

Developers have been quick to try the Docker open-source project that represents a free alternative to VMware’s core virtualization software for running many apps on each server. Today, a personage no less than VMware chief executive Pat Gelsinger announced that it’s working with Docker to make Docker’s containers “enterprise ready.”  But wait, there’s more. VMware has now joined the Open Compute Project, which Facebook initiated in 2011 to share its data center hardware customizations with the rest of the world. This year Microsoft contributed some of its server designs to the project, and today Gelsinger said VMware will make its new EVO:RACK hardware available on gear that meets Open Compute standards.

Open Compute Technology Could Change Everything : Top Stocks to Buy

Open Compute, or OCP for short, is an organization that was founded by Facebook in 2011. According to the organization’s website, Open Compute’s goal is to “build one of the most efficient computing infrastructures at the lowest possible cost.” Open Compute attempts to achieve this goal chiefly by: 1) eliminating “gratuitous differentiation” by hardware vendors and 2) making designs for hardware and data centers “open source” to foster innovation.

vSphere on Open Compute – Part 2, Make it Hurt!

imageIt’s been longer than I’d have liked to put some stress on the OCP box. For some history my home lab, thanks to some kind folks, inherited a G1 Intel OCP Platform. I’ve posted about it a few times:

Facebook open-source data centre project gains strength

Facebook open-source data centre project gains strengthFacebook’s year-old project to develop open-source hardware designs with the aim to build efficient data centres gained momentum on Wednesday, with some top technology companies joining the effort and introducing server designs. The company provided details about implementations of the open hardware designs and also announced new members of the Open Compute Project, including Hewlett-Packard, Advanced Micro Devices, Fidelity, Quanta, Tencent,, VMware, Canonical and Supermicro.

vSphere on Open Compute – Part 1 Lab Setup

imageThis is part one of a few part series on the test I’m going to put the OCP Platform through. This first test will describe how the lab is setup. Next will be some basic “ghetto” load tests. Finally, we’ll throw some VDI at it.

Open Compute Platform & vSphere 5

imageIn April 2011, Facebook launched the Open Compute Project (Announcement) with a stated goal of making servers and datacenters more efficient. The 1.0 Intel box is a pretty sweet little platform too As currently deployed in my home lab, it’s got 2x Hex core procs and 48gb memory, which is a decent setup for the tests I have planned for it.

VMware CEO: Facebook will also have to fight a patent war soon

Summary: Some experts, including VMware CEO Paul Maritz, believe Facebook will have to fight a patent war if it doesn’t soon take the proper defensive measures. Relatively new Web companies such as Facebook don’t hold many patents and could soon face data-center-related legal battles. VMware CEO Paul Maritz, who has witnessed a number of patent skirmishes in the 1990s when he was at Microsoft, believes that many patent confrontations are coming, and Facebook may find itself in the midst.